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Senior Data Engineer

Lokalizacja: Kraków

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Szczegóły oferty:

Data Engineer


Client's company description:
Our client is changing the way airline industries use data to ease the traveller’s experience from dynamic pricing, elastic demand forecasting, to bundling the best offers for end users. Our client is taking off on a mission to deliver a real-time prediction and tracking platform to major travel industry partners, each with millions of consumers hungry for a new, first-rate travel shopping experience.
To achieve this vision, our client is looking for a talented & diverse group of Data Engineers who love traveling and teaming up with Data Scientists to join our rapidly growing startup in Krakow, Poland.

Dynamic revenue management platform, is used by several major commercial airlines both internationally and domestically. Our clients platform is growing with strong customer demand for this game-changing tool.
Current state of employment: 65 employees in total, 50 in USA, 15 in Poland, Kraków

Job Description:
• Build super scalable, low-latency data pipelines platform and the model training infrastructure that powers the ML models that predict air travel demand.
• Lead the development of our clients new Apache (Airbnb) Airflow based data pipeline platform, supporting multiple customer-specific ETL and model training pipelines.
• Design and implement highly scalable data processing software, primarily using Python, Google Cloud, BigQuery, PostgreSQL, Redis, and more.
• Architect solutions to turn billions of data points into actionable insights.
• Travel up to 25%.

Work methodology: Depends on the need, elements of Scrum implemented

Size of the project team: ultimately 3 people

• B2B or regular employment contract
• Flexible working hours
• Working from home
• Laptop
• More to come…

Salary: Set individually depending on experience and skills

• Minimum of 2,5 years of experience in similar position
• Knowledge and successful industry experiences in computer science, software engineering.
• Familiar with machine learning algorithms, and scalable data infrastructure.
• Passion for the latest distributed analytics technologies, ETL, and Big Data systems (such as data manipulation, data engineering, data analysis).
• Good written and oral, communication skills in English

Start date: ASAP

Interested persons are requested to send their CV along with consent to the processing of personal data to the following address: marek@collectivehr.com

Dodano dnia: 12-11-2018



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