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Fullstack Ruby Engineer

Lokalizacja: Kraków

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Szczegóły oferty:


We're looking for fullstack ruby developers (for our client, the company operating in app testing industry) who are proactive and are willing to learn new ways of looking at the code and it's design.


We build the testing platform used by our customers (Facebook, WhatsApp, Microsoft) and 20,000 professional testers around the world.

Why work with us?

· You’ll be working in a fast feedback and deploy environment

· Deploy multiple times a day to production

· DevOps Environment: Kubernetes, Prometheus, Grafana, Graylog, Sentry, NewRelic, GitHub, Concourse, Slack & JIRA

· You’ll use the latest technology and practices

· Backend: Ruby 2.4, Ruby on Rails 5.1, RSpec, Eslint, Rubocop

· Frontend: React v16.0, ES6, ES7, Jest, Redux, GraphQL, Webpack

· Coding Practices: Static Code Analysis, Code Review, SOLID

· You’ll grow personally and professionally

· Leadership: Mentoring, Personalised development plans, 1:1s

· Team: Friday tech talks, Retrospectives, knowledge sharing

· Quickstart: Bootcamp, Buddy System, First-day release to production.

Compensation & Benefits

· Negotiable salary, but within 2800 – 5000 EUR net a month on a VAT invoice (B2B), depending on your experience and quality of your code

· Paid holidays (all holidays in your country + up to 20 days)

· Permanent contract with a 6 months trial period

What You'll be doing:

· Designing and implementing new features with modular, secure and well tested full-stack code which has a clear separation of responsibility

· Optimizing applications for maximum speed and scalability if needed– leading a project or feature from time to time

· Solving various interesting problems around virtual machines, tester management, tester scoring, semi-automated test execution, spam activity detection (also ML, natural language processing, neural networks down the line if you’re interested)– suggesting technologies that fit the problem at hand

· You'll work closely with other engineering teams so you can pioneer new technologies

· You'll improve the team and company – you will be an active participant in our culture (mentorship for less experienced developers, interviewing, and new initiatives)


Previous Experience:

· Min 3 (4.5 senior devs) years of commercial experience

· Have built highly scalable and robust systems in the past– designing and implementing complex applications (code complexity and data model complexity)

· Creating database schemas that represent and support business processes– integration with various internal and external APIs using open source and custom built API connectors

· Data migration, transformation and scripting

· Outputting data in different formats

Your Skills:

We don't expect someone to tick every box. We are willing to train the right person who wants to learn.

· Good understanding of Ruby and Ruby on Rails

· Good understanding of front-end technologies and platforms, such as React, Redux, JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3

· Good understanding of TDD and it’s benefits to be able to code with and without it while keeping the code quality high (you need appropriate mindset when coding)

· Understanding of few of the SOLID principles

· Good understanding of git code versioning tool

· Good written and spoken English communication skills (a must)

· Ability to learn fast

· Focus on delivering and self-management

Bonus Skills:

· Any experience with building NodeJS apps (both frontend and server apps)

· Any experience in latest ES7, Redux, Elixir, Phoenix

· Good understanding of how to apply SOLID principles in practice so you can help with training the team

· Any experience with AI (ML, NLP, Neural Networks of various types, Swarm Intelligence, Genetic Algorithms, etc.)

Additional Perks:

· You can work from a modern office in Kraków in Zabłocie area with table football with partial remote option

· Our dedication to helping you become successful.

· Responsibility and a real say in the future of the company.

· You’ll have a role that will be vital to the company’s growth and every idea you come up with will always be carefully considered


1. Phone screening

2. Test – we give you some time to send your response

3. Meeting in Krakow office

4. Final decision

Formularz aplikacyjny: https://goo.gl/forms/EIDdOHb9q4GtCUom2

Dodano dnia: 11-02-2019



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