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Senior Fullstack Engineer

Lokalizacja: Gdańsk

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Develop data-centric business apps for large global companies from various industries. Work from Warsaw or Gdańsk with clients from the US and Western Europe. Work on some of the most advanced R Shiny apps in the world in the leading company in this space.

Who are we?

We provide end-to-end data science consulting: from developing a vision for a problem, through machine learning models development, to visualization, and finally to production and applications that allow our customers to use their data to gain business advantage.

Before you apply please read our code of conduct

Tech lead in a project for us is a role, not a position, so in some projects it’ll be you leading the team, and in others it’ll be someone else.

You’ll be working as a senior software engineer. You will be responsible for:

- leading software projects and teams, both from the technical side and in working with the client in what they really need and providing guidance to them
- designing and developing high-quality, beautiful data-centric applications. We work a lot in R and Shiny, and also inPython.
- guiding decisions made by the team working on a project, making sure we choose good solutions, challenging unfounded assumptions and working directly with clients to discover what their true needs are,
- working with data scientists to make the models that they build usable by people, e.g. in the form of an API,
- mentoring other software engineers,
- improving our development processes and practices, and how we work as a whole.

What will your work look like?

- You’ll be reporting directly to our VP of Engineering and getting mentoring from him.
- You’ll work in a team of 2-5 people on one or two projects at a time.
- We work in an agile way (Scrum / Scrumban depending on the project). You’ll be collaborating with our scrum master Karolina to constantly improve how your team works.
- We encourage writing blogposts, preparing and giving public talks, working on internal projects, learning new skills, preparing a tech talk for the rest of the team -- we enjoy sharing knowledge and building community!

What you need to possess now:

- great programming skills and be fluent in at least one programming language.
- experience in building software systems and designing architecture.
- drive for high code quality, modern development practices and automated testing, and constant improvement of yourself and your team.
- experience with web development and technologies: JavaScript (ideally with some modern frontend frameworks), HTML, CSS.
- version control system like Git, code reviews (we work mainly on GitHub).
- English language (spoken and written) B2/C1 level

What you’ll learn after you join (if you know these already – awesome!)

- R programming language (going through http://adv-r.had.co.nz/, and familiarizing yourself with Tidyverse packages will be more than enough for the start)
- Shiny framework: https://shiny.rstudio.com/
- Python
- Docker
- Building solutions on Amazon Web Services
- Deployment automation with Ansible

What we offer:

- 13000 - 17000 pln gross
- Flexible working hours
- Flat structure
- Continuity of projects
- Direct influence of company decisions
- Private health care
- Sport card / culture card
- Individual budget for development
- Technical books
- Company retreats
- Board games evenings
- Table football
- Business travel
- Remote work
- Fresh fruit
- Free coffee
- Choice of B2B or permanent employment

Technologies we use:
- R
- Shiny
- JavaScript
- Python
- Docker
- Ansible
- Git
- Tensorflow
- Plotly

Employment type: we’re flexible – you can choose between permanent employment and B2B.
Remote work: We work in the office by default, because we value being together, but it is normal to work remotely from time to time.

Dodano dnia: 07-06-2019


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