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Full-stack developer

Lokalizacja: Middelfart, Dania

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Szczegóły oferty:

The company

We are a consulting company offering since 1993 a wide range of services for Danish clients.
For our client we are looking for a full-stack developer, who wants to develop his skills working in Denmark.

Our client, a Danish company "1StepAhead" is developing and servicing ticketing solutions for +45 clients in Denmark. The majority of his clients are cinemas but they also serve theatres and the like.

The ticketing solution is an all-comprising solution: backend database server, frontend client for local sales of tickets and concession, kiosk self-service solutions, admission control, a responsive website solution for online marketing and sales, etc.

The company is enjoying steady growth and our market opportunities are severely surpassing our development capacity. That is why they are now looking for a new colleague to join our developer team consisting of one senior developer and one junior developer.

Besides our developer team the organization comprises a graphical designer, a service-/support engineer, a film-editor and the owner/founder of the company.

1StepAhead is an international minded company – the development team already comprises one non- native Dane. That is why they are looking abroad for our new colleague – because we strongly believe in the advantages of diversity (- and also because company owner loves Poland and the Polish people :)

The job

Your job with 1StepAhead will be as a full-stack developer. We are right now in the final stage of upgrading our website solution. After that follows other relevant parts of our complex application.

Along with that we always have new development going on. So the tasks are many and varied and involve everything from backend to frontend. Likewise the tasks vary from maintenance to development of new functionality.

We are looking for a colleague that wants to develop and pursue a long-term career with our company. Our application is extremely complex and that is why onboarding a new colleague is a long and costly task. Therefore we are looking for a colleague who is committed to a long term employment.

Your team members are always near when you need information or advice – but unless you speak up - then we assume it means that you are progressing well with your work.

We do not micromanage. We work with a general roadmap – but the detailed path to reach the agreed goals and deadline for the tasks that your are assigned with – that you manage yourself.

In other terms – with us you will enjoy great freedom and flexibility in your pursue of your goals. You make the estimates for your own tasks – if needed with assistance from senior team members. We make sure that you have everything you need to reach your goal – but from there it is your responsibility to reach the agreed goal at the agreed deadline.

You will be a very important member on our team – your efforts will mean real difference for the company. If you have the personality matching this job profile – then this means to you that you will feel the pride when you see your own solutions at work and have the chance to discuss the results with the end users.

We on our side offer a company with a spirit to never let the development come to a halt. Our options are most often only limited by imagination – so even after many years with us you will feel that things are constantly developing.

Of specific skills you should possess amongst others the following:


o .Net/C #

o SQL (we use MySQL/MSSQL)

o English at a high level

· Good to have



o General IT-competences (server technology, network, etc.)

The remuneration

Besides frrom base-salary about 17.000-20.000 PLN you will be a part of our bonus program that will make it possible to add 15% to your base-salary.

Lunch at the office is for free. We also cover your tuition-fee in case you decide to study Danish (or whatever else relevant that you decide to study).

We can help you getting settled in Denmark by helping you to a fully furnished home.

An intangible part of the remuneration is the opportunity to live in the country that several international surveys have shown is inhabited by the happiest people on the planet :)

The nature and the clean environment of the region make it an even more attractive place to settle.

Further you will learn that joining 1StepAhead is expanding your family. We care about each other so despite being far away from Poland you will not be alone.

For more information about this job please call director Adam Laskowski: phone number +48 501 504 075

Dodano dnia: 05-09-2019



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