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We are looking for iOS Developer who wants to work 100% remote for one of the biggest financial institutions in Cracow!

iOS Developer job is responsible for developing the most appropriate and secure Technology solutions using iterative software development/programming in line with the solution design, to meet customer needs, ensuring continuous improvement.

They will be required to continually enhance their skills within a number of specialisms which include front end, development, security, testing, and operational support.



We are currently behind competitors in terms of usage of alternative channels and innovative technologies to verify potential fraudulent transactions. The current customer contact process to verify potential fraudulent transactions is always made via manual channels, (outbound call centres) which is significantly time consuming and delivers a poor customer experience.
The implementation of a 2-way SMS capability (in-flight) will help to improve the operational efficiency and customer journey, however it will expose the bank to other type of fraud attacks, like SMS smishing and SIM swap
Fraud Mobile Messaging will allow customers to verify potential fraudulent transactions in real time via a secured channel (Mobile app) which will help to improve internal efficiency even further as well as to provide market leading customer experience with no increased Fraud losses

The Voice of the Customer - To be a customer centric bank, we have to open up channels that allow us to hear the voices of our customers. The Qualtrics customer survey tool will allow us to solicit customer feedback via an unobtrusive and engaging format. By supplementing survey responses with Adobe and Customer Profile data, we can understand feedback drivers, and in turn optimise our digital channels. In gaining this insight, we can report on key metrics (NPS, NRS) at a journey, customer proposition, channel and market level, supporting the agenda Customer Centric Bank agenda.


Experience with Swift 4.2+
Strong experience with Xcode 10, IB and Auto Layout to create advanced UIs
Deep knowledge of Apple’s HIG, design best practices, coding and naming guidelines
Good knowledge of software design patterns and software architecture principles
A passion for clean code
Experience in building Universal Apps that support different layouts for iPhone and iPad
Regularly write unit tests
Experience with UI automation (any tool)
Experience with OS X shell scripting and Xcode's / Fastlane’s command-line tools
Some experience with any server-side technology (e.g. ASP.NET, PHP, RoR) and REST API development
We promote a DevOps culture so you will need to look beyond pure programming and get involved with the deployment and operation of the software we build.
You should be comfortable with pair programming, including with people from different disciplines such as Developers in Test and Platform Engineers. You will need to work well with nontechnical team members and be able to focus on what needs to be built, and understand why.
An individual with a strategic and innovate approach to delivery, comfortable with a high level of ambiguity prepared to relentlessly drive through extensive change to an aggressive timeline.
Experience in management consulting and/or product management background at a consumer technology business.
Credibility and ability to influence stakeholders convincingly with well-considered logic.
Obsession with customer centricity and understanding customers ‘jobs to be done’ from a bank.
Effective written and oral communication and influencing skills.
Knowledge of agile project management with cross functional teams, using Jira and Confluence.

Culture of work:

Flexible working hours
Informal work environment
Agile methodologies
Flexible WFH (agreement in the teams)
Friendly teams and people focused attitude
Macbook pro or Lenovo to choose
Car parking
Relax room

HRO Digital is an international company providing recruitment support within #Fintech, #Finance and #Banking market in EMEA.

We connect the most innovative organizations with the best people in the market. We conduct systematic market research, which allows our Digital Teams to be a step ahead of the competition.

Dodano dnia: 17-07-2020


HRO Digital

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